Practice Overview

We are certified mediators in both SC State Court and SC Federal Court, and we pride ourselves on being problem solvers as we serve as neutral mediators to help parties effectively reach mutually agreeable solutions to disputes. We understand that mediation is not confined to a one-day event, or even just a few hours. We care and take the time to listen and understand the needs of both sides of a dispute. Our work begins well before the actual day of the mediation with pre-mediation phone calls and document review, followed by intensive preparation, and wrapping up with post-mediation consulting.

Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation, serving to provide a more cost-effective process for parties involved in a dispute. Jury trials come with a hefty price tag and a high amount of uncertainty.

As a neutral third-party, Spitz & Neville can help parties arrive at satisfactory solutions to disputes, while avoiding the negative aspects of a jury trial. We aim to create an atmosphere where all parties involved are able to air their grievances, exchange and present necessary info, and work toward an amicable resolution.

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