Personal Injury & Torts

Practice Overview

Working with injured parties

We provide legal guidance and representation for people injured due to negligence, strict liability, safety violations, and more. When a serious injury occurs, it can change lives in multiple ways. The impact is often both physical and financial, with significant medical bills that can pile up, inability to be present at work, and undue stress placed on you and your family. If this impact was the result of someone else’s negligence (or subject to strict liability), you have the right to fair compensation to ease the burden that the physical injury has placed on you and your loved ones.

Personal injury cases are complex. Insurance companies and businesses will often have a team of attorneys skilled at minimizing the damages from personal injury claims. You need someone on your side who is focused on your best interests and will work diligently to understand the specifics of your case.

The lawyers at Spitz & Neville will care for you and help you build a strong case with the goal of getting the compensation you deserve.

Working with insurance companies and businesses

The lawyers at Spitz & Neville also have experience working with companies and insurers to help minimize risk, and to minimize the impact of any claims that result in litigation. Our main focus is on risk avoidance and providing guidance to you and your team to help avoid litigation in the first place. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, and when such an incident happens, we are there to defend you.

Our goal is to bring resolution to your matter quickly, and to limit any damages. Our experienced, certified mediators are ready to step in to settle your claim, and we are prepared to defend you and try cases to verdict when necessary, as well as on appeal.

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